10 January 1940

Dear Diary!

It is my 16th birthday! It has been a wonderful day. The best day ever!
It started early - I got breakfast in bed, and a wonderful present from my parents.
Mum and dad had bought the red pair of shoes I have been dreaming of for months!
Jippi! Hurray! New shoes for my first dance!!!
After School I met Ann down by the habour. We wanted to plan the evening. What to wear!
Well, I only have two dresses to choose between. I decided to wear the blue With the red flowers. My new shoes did match very well!

We arrived the dance a bit early. we wanted to find a nice table.
As I sat down I notised this Young, blond guy standing in the bar. So blond! So tall! So handsome!
And his eyes - so blue. These blue eyes looked stright at me. At ME!

It was Olaf! Yes, Diary - that is HIS name. OLAF!!
Olaf from the northen part of Norway, from Lofoten. I think that is a very small place.

We danced all night. It felt like it was only us on the dancefloor. Olaf and I! Only US!
What a great dancer! Our Song is Only Forever by Bing Crosby!!
We did talk, a bit. He is Norwegian, and his English was limited.
He is a sailor! I love the sea, so a sailor is the Man for me. Hi hi!

Diary, I am not sure if I even can tell you this - but I must tell someone!
To day (or to night) I became a woman…

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