25 12 1972

Merry Christmas, dear diary!

Help me please! I am so confused now and can not think clearly anymore!
You remember the boring teacher I told you about? Well, I brought him a cake as I planned and what is more- I kissed him that day. After the course. I don´t even know why I did that-I still think he is a boring man. But, he is a great kisser. That is for sure!
Anyway, before I travelled home to England he came to my place and gave me a Christmas gift. It was an authentic antique Shakespeare. Oh my god, it was the best gift ever. How shall I thank him for the gift? Should I invite him to tea when I come back to USA?

Well, Kirk and I are going to his parents` place for New years eve. I look forward to that and can´t wait for meeting his nice mother again. She sent me an exclusive leather bag for Christmas. I wrote her a telegram and thanked her so much for the gift. Did I mention what Kirk gave me? Some adorable earrings. I called him and said thank you. He is the nicest man ever, but I think my feelings against him are getting colder. If my mother hears that she becomes furious. She and Kirks mother are already planning our wedding. They have planned a gorgeous wedding at Westminster Abby and a big wedding party at Kirks´families palace.

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