My name is Belinda and I’m 44 years old. I live in Tromsø – born and raised here.
I attended the Teacher's Training College (which is a part of Tromsø University today) from 1993 to 1997.
I started working as a teacher in the autumn of -97. I had one year at my old primary school Borgtun. Since -98 I have been working at Gyllenborg – Tromsø’s oldest (primary) school. I work mainly with 5th – 7th graders. I now have a large group of 5th graders. This year I also teach Norwegian, Social studies and KRLE.
I have been teaching English all my years as a teacher, but I have no formal higher education in the discipline. During 5 months in -93 in London I attended an English course for foreign students.

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