His Racing Career
Since making money as a delivery boy was depending on speed, John soon became in pretty good shape. His racing career started more or less coincidental, as he passed a pack of racers on one of his delivery rounds. He actually outspeed them on his messenger bike. This made John realize he had a talent for racing, and he applied to join the Fisher Cats cycling team as soon as his round ended that very same day. He quickly got a himself a name in the sport as he won most of the races the first season, even bringing attention from the bigger European teams. The next couple of years he was racing for the famous Faema team over in Europe, being a strong wingman and paceholder the greatest of them all: Eddy Mercx. However, John soon realized he had no chance of outperforming mr. Merx, and gave up cycling, depressed and disillusioned at the age of 21.

News article from The New Hampshire about John winning the annual Lime Rock cycling Grand Prix

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