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This month we had the pleasure of writing a piece about one of our members who has shown a great respect for the most important invention of all times; the gun. The man I'm talking about is John Jefferson. He has throughout recent years shown his great ability to shoot with a musket. While speaking with the shooting range inspector at the famous and beautiful shooting range called The Shooting Star, we get an insight into how John has developed his skills. The owner of The Shooting Star, Robert "Bob" Shotgunson, says that John Jefferson is without doubt, the most skilled musket shooter he has ever seen in action. While the song "I shot the sheriff" comes out of the speakers in Shotgunson's office, he starts to reveal the talent of John Jefferson. Shotgunson says that when he first met John 13 years ago he looked at him as an untalented, weak and unpatriotic man who had no purpose of living. Shotgunson explains this by the fact that John, given his age, had not yet fired a gun. Shotgunson still, being a very openminded man, decided to give John a chance to get to know his true self and the innate love every person has for guns. John soon developed into a skilled shooter and the fact that he chose the musket as his weapon of choice, is by Shotgunsons standards something which shows great signifance in regard to being a true American patriot. The fact that John once ended up in the local newspaper for hitting Shotgunson with a bullet in the left buttocks, does not change Shotgunsons admirable opinion of John. Shotgunson explains: "Well, the fact that he used his skills to hit me in the ass from over 100 yards with the musket, just shows how remarkable he is". "And by the way; I totally deserved it that time". I left Shotgunson and The Shooting Star with a smile on my face and feel that every true American should do as John did that day 13 years ago: Start shooting with a gun!

For Guns Newsletter
George Gutsy

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