Professional Life

John was educated at the University of Oxford. He did his master studies on the topic Second Language Learning and Literature. He was recommended as a language teacher and applied for a job after the school principal gave him a positive feedback in an email concerning the start of a check club at the school.
John works at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School in New Hampshire.
The building is all on one floor with a large Gymnasium building at the far end. Behind the Gymnasium, is the football field with the running tracks where he had been spending hours of practicing his bicycling. He worked in the language section and feels a deep passion for teaching literature. He especially likes to teach the seniors because then he could have deeper discussions with his students.

John has several professional networks, some of them connected to his work. The most important of these is the Association of American Educators where he has a very long membership. He is actually the current leader of the local group.

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