Robert "Bob" Shotgunson
Robert "Bob" Shotgunson (born Gunnarson) is a professional gun range instructor and weapons expert. He specializes in handheld guns from 1880 to present day. He is known for writing in various gun journals, and he has a regular column in The New Hampshire.

Personal Life
Shotgunson was born in Austin, Texas to Ronald Gunnarson, a gun manufacturer, and Josephine Gunnarson (neè Fields), a housekeeper. His father being a gun manufacturer, Shotgunson learned to handle guns early. Already at four years, he could hit tin cans from 75 yards shooting from his hip. His father recognized his talent and went on tours with The Amazing Gun Kid. Because of traveling around the country most of his childhood, Shotgunson missed education.

Professional Life
Shotgunson owns and runs The Shooting Star shooting range franchise.

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