Susan Kelly Jefferson

Born in London 08.05.1945.
She belongs to a family from the English Upper class. Her parents are Mary Kelly and Adam Kelly. Susan Kelly Jefferson is their only heir and expects to inherit millions of dollars after their death.
She has her teacher education from Western’s Faculty of Education in London.
She met John Jefferson at a reading course for teachers right before Christmas in 1972. They fell in love and was married 20.07.1974.


(how can we tranform the following information about Susan into different kinds of texts?)

  • Susan doesn´like the way John deals with James' reading problems. Maybe the got into their realitionships problems because of that.
  • Susan likes to have a glass of wine in the evening, after the children have got to bed. Sometimes Susan forgets that she has to go to work the next day, so she empties the bottle with her TV on watching soap series.
  • She tries to get some distance to her problems with John.
  • The family enjoys wathcing "Dynasty" together.
  • Susan gets involved with a colleague from work. His name is Julian Murray, and was also Eleanor's first piano tutor.
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